One-Line Bio

I'm a weaver, knitter, aspiring fiber artist, fledgling photographer and mom.


About an hour north of New York City, there's a charming village whose streets are lined with antique (that is, expensive to maintain and hard to heat) Victorian houses. In one of them lives Ann, along with her teenage twins (one male, one female - yes, that was lucky, wasn't it?), their photogenic cat, and an embarrassing amount of craft equipment and supplies.

One of Ann's goals is to do as many different things as humanly possible - sort of like a modern-day Renaissance woman. Her current interests include weaving, knitting, photography, and occasionally, cooking something more elaborate than a frozen Trader Joe's lasagna. Interests that are on the back burner include writing children's books, quilting, felting, crochet, playing the piano, baking bread, and roller skating. Any of these might resurface at any time. Except roller skating. I think that's gone for good.